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The 28th Annual International Scout Rally (ISR) will be held September 19th to 21st, 2014, at Bay City Lake, Hessel, Michigan.

2014 ISR Crest

This year’s theme will be “Fantasyland”.

A weekend in the rustic northwoods of the Upper Peninsula. Held at a former CCC built State campground. We furnish the porta-jons, water and green box.

Each unit is asked to bring a game or skill event, OF NOT MORE THAN 10 MINUTES DURATION. These events will take place in your campsite. There are also open events such as Dutch Oven cooking, costume, campsite originality, entrance way and most theme-related.

Each unit will compete in the events using the patrol method and a passbook to keep score. The top 20 units in scoring will receive a unit prize. Individual and group events also qualify for prizes.

Registration and camp setup will take place on Friday. There are NO scheduled events on Friday.

Saturday will begin with the opening ceremony and the games will begin at 9:30 AM. Events will run until 4:00 PM. Passbooks and themes must then be turned in by 4:30 PM at the Motor Home. That evening events include closing campfire, awards and a dance beginning at 8:00 PM. The adults will have mug up/cracker barrel get together.

Cost for the event is $25.00 per individual. Canadian money is taken at par. If your unit is one of the first 30 to pre-register, you qualify for 3 Early Bird special patches. Our costs are increasing, so we must pass them along.

Fun and prizes are what this camp is noted for. We purchase only Coleman products to be won, as well as four kayaks.

The Black Sheep is our camp symbol. Each year this is given to a selected outstanding unit. The previous year’s winner will present this year’s unit with the Sheep to keep until the next Rally.

Once again, Coleman Corp. will attend and offer us great prices on their products.

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